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Item delivered but not received by me

07 Nov 2019, 10:41

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Bought an expensive item on eBay, seller stopped responding after payment. Dispute filed on PayPal. Seller claimed he sent it out and provided a tracking number NJ609390843GB. It was signed for with a signature on 29/10 but I don’t recognise the signature.

I have been to the local DO and the guys told me that the GPS tracked to a different address in my area. He remembered delivering a signed for letter to that address and the person who received it said it was a blank paper in the envelope.

I was told RM has opened an investigation, case ref 1-5350830498.

I think I have been defrauded by eBay seller. as he provided PayPal with ‘valid’ tracking the only chance I have is for RM to provide me with a letter/ evidence stating otherwise. any idea how I can do that? thanks.

Item delivered but not received by me

07 Nov 2019, 13:01

Actually, there are 2 other things you can do.

Contact your card company/pay pal and instruct them to start a chargeback for fraud.

Contact eBay and report the seller.

You'll probably get quicker action from that, or the police than you will from Royal mail.

Item delivered but not received by me

07 Nov 2019, 14:12

I already did all those. started PayPal claim but as seller provided a tracking code they might rule in his favour. I will need RM letter or GPS data showing delivery was made to another address

Item delivered but not received by me

07 Nov 2019, 22:20

You can get a printout with a map showing where your parcel was scanned/delivered but you`ll have to go to your delivery office and ask to speak to the manager, only him/her can do it.
Take your tracking number and ID with you and insist to receive a printout proving that it was delivered to the wrong address in order to get a refund.
Good luck.

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