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Royal Mail employment policies are ideal for reps and colleagues as a quick guide to our full agreements. (Updated 2021)

Royal Mail have developed summaries on the policies colleagues most frequently ask about. The at-a-glance summaries give an overview of the key parts of the policies so you can quickly find the information you need.

The policies are available from

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Attendance Summary (2021)

Being a Parent Summary (2021)

Compliance Summary (2018)

Conduct Summary (2021)

Conflicts of interest Summary (2021)

Promoting diversity and inclusion Summary(2021)

Flexible Working Summary (2021)

Ill Health Summary (2021)

Raising concerns Summary (2021)

Recruiment Summary (2021)

Sick Pay Summary (2021)

Social Media Summary (2021)

Terminal Illness Summary (2021)

Annual Holiday Summary (2021)

Time Off Other Leave Summary (2021)

Uniforms Summary (2021)

Working Time (CWU represented grades)Summary (2021)

Working Time for managers (Unite/CMA represented grades)Summary (2016)

Other time off management support booklet

• Attendance

We want to provide you with advice and support to help you achieve consistently good levels of attendance.

• Includes: Sickness - Long-term sickness - Welcome back meetings - Occupational health service - Review processes - Informal discussion - Formal review - First class support

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• Being a parent

We know that being a parent brings additional responsibilities, so we try to support parents to combine work and home life. We have a number of family-friendly policies that outline the support available.

• Includes: Maternity leave - Maternity pay - Paternity leave - Adoption leave - Parental leave-What is Shared Parental Leave and statutory Shared Parental Pay? - Who is eligible for Shared Parental Leave? - Different ways Shared Parental Leave can be taken - How to request Shared Parental Leave

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• Compliance

We comply with law and regulation because it is the right thing to do and is good for our business. Everyone has a role to play in compliance, including you.

• Includes: Where can I go to for help or to raise concerns? - Anti-bribery - Christmas tips

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• Conduct

All employees are expected to behave professionally within Royal Mail’s Code of Business Standards, to take responsibility for their work, customers and fellow employees and to follow any reasonable instruction of their manager.

• Includes: Includes: If your manager is unhappy with your conduct - The formal procedure process - Possible conduct consequences

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• Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest can occur when you have competing interests or loyalties between your personal activities and your job at Royal Mail Group.

• Includes: What is a conflict of interest? - Examples of conflicts of interest - It’s important that you disclose a potential conflict of interest. If you don’t, it could result in a conduct matter

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• Promoting diversity and inclusion

We are committed to treating everyone within our business fairly irrespective of a protected characteristic.We promote fair equality of opportunity for all our employees and job applicants. We aim to create an environment in which all individuals are able to make best use of their skills, free from discrimination or harassment.

• Includes: Disability - What we expect of you - Types of discrimination and harassment - What to do if you have a complaint - Bullying and Harassment

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• Flexible working

We understand that flexible working can be beneficial to both employees and the business. You may have interests or responsibilities outside of work where working flexibly could help you balance your work and personal life.

• Includes: Examples of flexible working - Formal requests - Review (trial) periods

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• Ill health

If there comes a time when you’re unable to perform your normal role because of serious ill health, your manager will support you through a number of stages.

• Includes: Referral to occupational health service - Action following occupational health service advice

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• Raising concerns

If you’re ever concerned about how you or others have been treated at work, you should first speak to your manager. If it can’t be resolved informally, a complaint can be raised using the most relevant formal process.

• Includes: Bullying and harassment - Dealing with bullying and harassment - Grievances - Speak up (whistleblowing)-What happens if I raise a bullying or harassment concern?

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• Recruitment

Our recruitment processes are designed to help us find the best people for roles. Merit, skills and performance are considered, in line with our Equality and fairness policy.

• Includes: Career opportunities - Transferring within Royal Mail - My Future site on

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• Sick pay

If you’re unwell and unable to come to work, you may be eligible for sick pay providing you’ve given Royal Mail the appropriate medical documents (absence declaration form or fit note) and cooperate with your manager whilst you’re off sick.

• Includes: Sick pay rates - Full rate - Half rate - Statutory rate - Sick pay entitlements for CWU represented grades

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• Social media use

Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are extremely popular these days. They have lots of benefits, including the way we interact with each other on a daily basis. But, they have also brought some challenges that we all need to be aware of.

• Includes: Potential hazards - Using social media in your personal life - What you should be aware of when using social media - Inside the RMC naughty room

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• Terminal Illness

Hearing the news that you have a terminal illness is probably one of the most difficult things anyone has to face in life, so it is important that you know what support is available from Royal Mail.

• Includes: Where you can go for advice & support - Continuing to work - Absence from work - Helplines

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• Time off: annual holiday

Taking holiday is important for your wellbeing. We have a good holiday allowance which gives you more opportunity to take a break from work. Managers will do their best to balance your holiday requests with the needs of the business.

• Includes: Entitlement - Requesting your holiday - Carrying days over - Bank and public holidays credit or payment

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• Annual Leave/Resourcing Guidelines

Royal Mail & CWU Nationally Agreed Guidelines Covering Annual Leave and weekly Resourcing.

•The guidelines that were circulated to Branches on the 4th November 2014 have recently been subject to a National review

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• Time off: other leave

We know there may be times when you need time off to deal with family commitments, for example, or other responsibilities. Your manager will try to support you, and be as accommodating as possible. It’s important you speak to your manager as soon as possible, so they can help as much as they can.

• Includes: Urgent domestic - Domestic events - Bereavement - Dependant’s leave - Family emergency leave - Family events - Care for a dependant - Medical appointments - Religious holidays - Religious observance - Jury service - Adverse weather

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• Uniforms

Royal Mail provides you with uniform, including footwear that is appropriate for your job throughout the year and for indoor and outdoor work. It is important that employees always meet our dress standards.

• Includes: Dress standards - Ordering uniform - Uniform entitlements - Wear and tear

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• Working Time (CWU represented grades)

Royal Mail Group’s Working time policy sets limits on the amount of hours you can work in any week. This is to support your health, safety and wellbeing, while ensuring we comply with the law. It is important that you work within the agreed limits on working hours per week that are set out in the Working time policy. Your manager has a responsibility to make sure that working hours are kept within reasonable limits, so they will monitor working hours. You also have a duty to ensure you are not working excessive hours – you should inform your manager if you think that you may be doing so. You should not volunteer for overtime if it means you’ll exceed the limits.

• Includes: Working hours limits - Rest breaks - Night workers - Young workers -Second jobs - Drivers

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• Working Time for managers (Unite/CMA represented grades)

Royal Mail Group’s Working time policy sets limits on the amount of hours you can work in any week. This is to support your health, safety and wellbeing, while ensuring we comply with the law. It is important that you work within the agreed limits on working hours per week that are set out in the Working time policy. As a manager you have a responsibility to make sure that your working hours are kept within reasonable limits and, together with your manager, you should monitor your working hours for this purpose. Inform your manager if you think that you may be

• Includes: Working time limits - Rest breaks - Night workers - Managerial overtime - Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)

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• Other time off management support booklet

There may be occasions when an employee needs time off, other than holiday, to deal with other commitments and responsibilities. In these circumstances, we (Yes, that means you managers!) should be as supportive and accommodating as possible.

• Includes: Everything you need to know to help your staff - So there is no excuse for you to bullshit them - Put yourself in the employees shoes – All options should be considered before declining requests for other time off - Be as flexible as possible and take a sensitive and supportive approach. - We want our people to feel valued.

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