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TRACKING :Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est


If you have a tracking number finishing with GB then try ***THIS LINK.*** (Track And Trace : Royal Mail)

If you have a tracking number from another country's postal operator then try ***THIS LINK.*** (Universal Parcel Tracking : Independent)

The second link above can look up some foreign tracked details, or you can go to the appropriate postal operators website.

If you are looking for information on your mail or have a complaint or general query,  we 1st suggest you contact Royal Mail, The Post Office, or Parcelforce on Twitter,   or our Customer Services,   their links are at the end of this article.

Please do not use our contact form to contact us as you will only be redirected to the customers page!

Please note we are not Royal Mail we are an 'Independent Postal Workers Website'.

RoyalMailChat is an unofficial forum which has no official or unofficial recognition or support from Royal Mail at all.

It was set up initially as a site where posties could exchange views and offer each other support.

We then added a customer forum because of the number of posts we were getting asking for advice.

If you still decide to register: We can't answer any question in an official capacity,  but we can offer advice,   guidance,  insights and at times using our local knowledge,  we hope we can help in some small way.

We understand at times that things don't go to plan,  and we will do our best 'in our leisure time' to help you as best we can with any problems you may have.


We get a lot of queries about HWDC Langley and we can not give you anymore tracking information than what you already have.

If there is a delay it may be that your item is stuck in customs which seems to be the norm, there could be a CUSTOMS CHARGE or there could be generally too much work for the system to cope with.

And please note,  most international items do not get tracked anymore in our system after arriving at Langley until they are delivered.

The same for items going out of Langley.When an item leaves us we can't do anything as it's in another postal operators system.

Please try and contact the opposing postal operator through their website.

Please do not use the contact form to contact us as you will only be redirected to here.

You can view the customers forum HERE

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