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Newbie here I have a question

25 Apr 2019, 16:02

Hello, I'm a newbie so hope I've landed in the right place. If I buy a postage label through Click and Drop but omit my address from the label, can it still be traced back to my address? The item was a signed for package but wasnt collected within 14 days after the red card was left. It went to the national returns centre but without my address it cant be sent back to me. I notice that the Indicia ID number on the label/qr code is on my email receipt too. On the original purchase I gave my name and address so surely it can be traced back. How much will RM look for an address? I understand that they have many items to look at every day but surely a quick QR code scan is less time consuming than opening a parcel?

Newbie here I have a question

26 Apr 2019, 19:32

I don’t know about the label. But if necessary, the NRC will eventually open your parcel looking for your return address on any invoice, accompanying letter etc. that you enclosed.

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