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The Postal Services Act : Opening other peoples mail

09 Jul 2018, 12:19

“Royal Mail’s duty is to deliver to the address written or printed on items of mail, or to an alternative address as agreed with a customer.

“The Postal Services Act is clear that a person is committing an offence if they deliberately open post which they know or suspect has been incorrectly delivered to them.

“If you receive mail intended for another person, such as a previous owner, it should be returned by marking the envelope ‘Return to Sender’ and placing it in any postbox. We would advise customers who are leaving a premises or moving home to use Royal Mail Redirection to keep their mail safe and secure. We would also suggest informing relevant businesses and personal contacts when an address is changed.

“Any customers concerned about their mail should contact Royal Mail Customer Services at, on Twitter @RoyalMailHelp or on 03457 740 740.”

The Postal Services Act : Opening other peoples mail

24 Apr 2019, 03:34

But here's the thing I keep getting mail like this and keep passing it on to my landlord to deal with it.

Is there any way i can speek to my DO about this? Its technically spam at this point

The Postal Services Act : Opening other peoples mail

24 Apr 2019, 08:16

Your Do don`t know who lives at an address and who`s not, they have to deliver all addressed letters, unless there is a redirection in place.
I`m in the same situation and after years of sending the letters back to the sender with a big cross on the address and a big RTS on them, I keep getting approx. 3-4 letters/week for the former occupiers and now I just bin them.
Right or wrong, I decided not to waste my time anymore if the senders keep ignoring me.

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