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Duty - 12 month rule

14 Apr 2019, 06:35

What agreement does it state that once you sign for an advertised duty you cannot sign for another duty until 12 months have passed.


Duty - 12 month rule

14 Apr 2019, 07:01

I’ve now found the relevant ruling in the Way Forward agreement. Has this been adapted or changed in any other agreements since?

Duty - 12 month rule

14 Apr 2019, 08:05

We had a postie who kept picking every duty that went on the board . There has to be a rule

Duty - 12 month rule

14 Apr 2019, 11:46

Could you please provide a link with this rule. Thank you

Duty - 12 month rule

14 Apr 2019, 11:58

can't put my hand on a link, but it's definitely 12mth unless some safety issues are there on current duty, i.e some threatening behaviour etc.

Duty - 12 month rule

14 Apr 2019, 12:25 ... 1256c84f95
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Duty - 12 month rule

15 Apr 2019, 22:23

streets97 wrote:

Thank you.

I was looking for exactly this tonight. :thumbup

Duty - 12 month rule

18 Apr 2019, 06:08

so a full time post that no full timer wants to sign for can a part timer sign for it

Duty - 12 month rule

27 Apr 2019, 15:44

I was refused a full time duty point blank by my dom, as the only applicant, as he said only full timers were allowed to apply. His justification was that he needed the hours taken out of the office.

Load of rubbish if you ask me, even the union rep agreed with him.

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