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CWU Email today

04 Mar 2020, 14:30

Attachment is part of a mailshot received via email today.

Could anyone explain to me what the benefit of encouraging people to post any type of social media about this vote is supposed to be? I find this to be a worryingly childish response from the union. There's no reason for silent videos about the vote to be posted to whatsapp at all. Anyone who would post or watch such a video is already going to vote yes ... :arrrghhh
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CWU Email today

04 Mar 2020, 16:21

Can't see the sense of this social media bollocks.. Members no what they have to do and that's it.. Crack on vote yes return ballot job done no need for showboating and sharing childish media as we no it will end in tears once again

CWU Email today

04 Mar 2020, 17:05

Whats this silent video rubbish all about? Seems completely childish

CWU Email today

04 Mar 2020, 17:13

Someone posts on Facebook on how they wandered around their office, making sure everyone voted then and there, and that's another blown two months.

Like last time.

CWU Email today

04 Mar 2020, 18:52

Wouldn't surprise me if the same thing happened again. Similar result to last time, but declared void through the courts due to the amount of social media posts. No lessons learned at all.

CWU Email today

04 Mar 2020, 18:59

Have to agree here. Don't see the point in this. We have the other videos and everyone's ready to vote. Why give anything that RM could use to their advantage.

Just a thought, but is this a genuine message from the CWU? I'm not in any Whatsapp groups so wouldn't know. Nothing on CWU Facebook or Twitter that I can see about this.

CWU Email today

07 Mar 2020, 03:31

Thing is someone will put it up on you tube or other sites also the relentless propaganda from RM is noticeable ie forced watching of videos in work time sessions and filling in of forms for managerial Appraisal is not constituted as a form of human indignity in itself this should should be addressed by the new agreement and if it does it will be welcomed by many as should provision is sadly lacking!

CWU Email today

07 Mar 2020, 09:36

Madness ! Didnt the union learn last time about the perils of engaging social media. All it needs is someone to post a staged video of someone voting in the workplace and the ballot could be voided again.

CWU Email today

07 Mar 2020, 12:38

I've never been a one for all this social media shite! All I see is it causes more problems than its worth and royal mail will trawl through all this crap to find some less than intelligent worker doing something dumb (probably thinking he/she is being funny) and yet again it will be used against us in the courts :d'oh! And I must admit this silent thing that's going on goes over my head just exercise your right to vote hopefully yes but just vote we don't need to give them one tiny excuse to attack the vote again! And social media in my opinion opens the door for that :cuppa

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