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RMtv : CI walk through

21 Feb 2020, 23:45

Ok, it's late and I've posted some RMtv videos tonight and I haven't had time to go through this one properly yet, maybe tomorrow... good luck!

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 00:48

I don`t get who`s the idiot up the chain who thinks all these bullshit videos will solve something?

Smells of desperation, pathetic :arrrghhh

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 08:27

Plenty of buzz words and Royal Mail squandering money on nothing as usual.

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 08:37

What on earth are they talking about?

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 09:18


RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 09:21

NorthernPostman wrote:What on earth are they talking about?

Probably aimed at Area Managers, who will most likely be asking the same question. BS Bingo was invented for this, "Northern Star" :crazy:

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 13:01

Looks like they have been paid to make up a new language that creates fear in an audience that doesn't quite understand every word. They get their salary for being good actors, but the benefit to the company is nothing.

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 14:37

total crap.....another waste of time and money. world class mail renamed CILA. absolute shite.

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 14:53

I've seen better production values on Youtube, and more understandable and relatable prose in Shakespeare plays.

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 15:07

We're doomed! :crazy:

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 15:34

Wai aye man pipeline sealer?

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 16:20

So these two jokers just hang around in that office doing busy work and drawing pictures, fantastic.

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 17:03

Seen it all before in other industries. It does not make a shite of difference. The facts are that this business knows that the only way to save costs in an ever competitive market place is to decrease labour costs. In other words you will be required (not asked) to do more within the same timespan at an ever decreasing real terms pay reward. Justifying this by creating little pictures and words in clouds and adding acronyms which only they understand (well presumably they do) at god knows what cost, is all done to create fear of job loss if you do not tow the line.
Royal Mail can survive quite adequately without all this continuous upheaval. Creating huge costs by employing this current string of upper management that have no loyalty to Royal Mail and as in the health service where continuous layers of management and government ministers such as Grayling have robbed front line services of the investment needed and brought it to is knees, so is being acted out in Royal Mail.
I hope you all continue with your fight against this abuse and prove to the shareholders that this type of regime 'DOES NOT FKG WORK'

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 17:41

Bet these two get paid at least 50k each, company vehicle, health insurance and mileage allowance
for spouting this nonsense, how about doing a HCT delivery for a month and then see that you need a
headtorch out on delivery not a 'lighthouse'....... :crazy: :crazy:

I have seen CI work but not when you get suits parachuted in from high level trying to force their claptrap onto the shop floor.
The best ideas come from the people who actually do the work - but RM would never listen because it would mean
that these two in RM ivory towers would be off the gravy train.

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 18:12

Every day, and in every way, I'm getting better and better . . .

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 19:37

Tweed waistcoat how chic and a lighthouse project next we will have prince Harry telling it is far worse on the other side whatever that maybe? :roll:

RMtv : CI walk through

22 Feb 2020, 20:41

All this money wasted on w*****s like this???? They are producing nothing of value to this company.

And yet again, just another video for the shareholders.

VOTE YES - win or lose, I don't want people like that running a once great public service.

RMtv : CI walk through

23 Feb 2020, 07:47

I've downloaded this to watch again when I can't sleep.
Way better than trying to count sheep!!!!!!!

Seriously though, this pair and the rest of them will be the death of this once great Company.

:so there :so there :arrrghhh :arrrghhh :evil/mad :evil/mad :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown

RMtv : CI walk through

23 Feb 2020, 09:56

no comment
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RMtv : CI walk through

23 Feb 2020, 10:03

Trumanity wrote:I am beyond incandescent with rage. My hard-earned job (and future pension provision), which provides for my family, is being put on the line by men like these. These men should be immediately dismissed for gross-negligence and squandering company funds! "Northern Star" ????? "Pipeline Sealers" ????? "Lighthouses"????? "Epics"????? I have seen more clarity from Bungle and Zippy.

This is the worst case of business-speak, life coaching verve-word gobbledegook I have ever witnessed! How much did the life coach charge Royal Mail to inculcate these two nincompoops with this complete and driveling nonsense? If you add up the money wasted on world-class mail and now this, and add to that the layers and layers of highly paid project managers managing projects that have no function whatsoever, and saved this money instead, then this company would be in profit in perpetuity? We don't need more project managers and project accountants. We need common sense, honesty, hard work, investment, leadership, and above all competency.

The worst thing about this is these two men think this is good. Just look at the background. Completely amateurish.

Enough of this insanity!

This is how you milk a business of its funds - these are "nothing" jobs.

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