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Local ballot process

23 Jan 2020, 11:45

The union are saying that if RM start implementing unagreed changes it will come local strike ballots and dealt with accordingly...
So my question is this.
What is the process and timescale for a local strike ballot?
Assuming ballot papers sent direct to peoples homes. Are turnout/yes figures the same as national ballot and what about notice period to Royal Mail for local strikes once results are declared?
If the process is same as national ballot then what's the point because surely we would be out nationally by that time anyway!
Also can they actually implement a resign that was done based on 37 hours and add the hour on as they see fit?

Local ballot process

23 Jan 2020, 13:16

I think what the union are saying but can't say is (and postman/women are famous for it) just walk out unofficially :hmmmm which looking at the track record of both parties will be the biggest mistake any worker can do at this moment :thumbdown looking at the obvious own goal with the last ballot that the CWU didn't see :arrrghhh and the aggressive nature of this dictatorship at the top that sort of action is only going to end one way :cuppa and it won't be to our advantage! But I feel that's the way it's going to go? So good luck everyone there's going to be tough times ahead :sad: because I've never seen in the 35 years I've been a postman the monumental aggressive nature of the management we have running this company at the moment :sad: just look up what this Rico back has done to workforces around Europe especially in Italy so if the CWU don't start getting its act together and start really thinking past industrial action (official and unofficial) the cards will really be on the table for us all (whatever crummy cards that will be left on the table)

Local ballot process

23 Jan 2020, 21:13

There is a local ballot process. Not sure what it is, but if the company went to executive action, the union would be able to ballot (legally) for industrial action. That's what happened just recently in Bootle and Seaforth.

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