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LTB 550/19 : 2019 Dispute Relating to Honouring and Deploying the Four Pillars of Security & Pay/Guiding Principles National Agreement between the CWU and RMG

20 Sep 2019, 21:21 ... u-and-rmg/

No. 550/19

20th September 2019

Dear Colleague,

2019 Dispute Relating to Honouring and Deploying the Four Pillars of Security & Pay/Guiding Principles National Agreement between the CWU and RMG

Branches will be aware that the External Mediator, Professor Roy Lewis was provided with the CWU submission pack on Tuesday afternoon.

We know that all Branches and Field Officials are well versed in the specific issues of dispute as are our members.

The gate meetings that are being held are an inspiration to us all and I would like to thank everyone who has made the effort to hold these events.

Please see attached further material that we would ask you to circulate which reiterates the Union’s specific demands in this dispute. The poster should be used for noticeboards and we would encourage every unit to ensure this is displayed. The poster can also be handed out at gate meetings and used for photo opportunities and social media.

We are meeting Royal Mail Group at External Mediation today and will report developments as they occur.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary Postal ... LTB550.pdf


• That any Agreement reached and any review of the
legally binding protections between RMG and the CWU
will be to complement and not replace the contract.

• That the current RMG proposals for a new operational
pipeline are withdrawn and that no investment is made
until a further National Pipeline Agreement is reached
in line with the existing Agreement. The new Pipeline
Agreement will focus on how the operational pipeline
must change to be in a position to attract and effectively
handle parcels growth.

• That there will be no change to the operational pipeline
until a National Pipeline Agreement is reached.

• That any new Pipeline Agreement must not threaten
the viability of the current network of Offices which
are crucial to the 6 Day USO by ensuring a full range of
product offerings, including parcels above shoe box size
delivered from all Offices.

• That a National Agreement is reached on a clear
commitment to defending the 6 day USO and the joint
activity required in pursuance of this commitment.

• A commitment not to outsource any business unit/
functions of Royal Mail Group or create limited
companies within the Royal Mail Group.

• That the proposal to make Parcelforce a limited company
is withdrawn and the acceptance that Parcelforce is an
integral part of the Royal Mail Group pipeline.

• That the current TUPE consultation is ceased and
that there will be no TUPE transfers of current Group
employees into any proposed limited company within
the Group unless agreed between RMG & the CWU.

• That any new pipeline will not place RM and Parcelforce
in competition with each other.

• That a National Agreement is reached on workplace
culture which deals with all issues raised from the
joint culture visit activity and in line with our existing
Agreement including a commitment to joint IR Training.

• That a National Agreement is reached on the application
and use of new technology which includes ensuring that
all local factors and circumstances are fully taken into
account and subject to Agreement.

• That a National Agreement is reached on the application
and use of new technology and an undertaking that
the company will not use new technology/data as a
vehicle to introduce working arrangements adverse to
the interests of our members and as measurements
to be used against our members by applying constant
pressure through continuous improvement techniques,
in effect dehumanising the workplace.

• That all improvement and total quality management
techniques recently introduced will be withdrawn and an
undertaking that no such management techniques will
be introduced without the agreement of the CWU.

• That a National Agreement is reached on clear
commitments of joint activity to maximise the
volume and promote the value of letters and develop
opportunities for innovative growth other than parcels.

• That a National Agreement is reached to deploy the
second hour of the Shorter Working Week and to set
out the further flightpath to a 35hrs gross working week,
including paid meal reliefs by October 2019.

• That RMG commits to the use of RPI data for the
purposes of the funding formula for the reduction of the
working week.

• That all locally unagreed productivity/efficiency targets
are removed and that local savings targets will not be
introduced without a National Agreement with the
Union and until a National Agreement on productivity is

• That a National Agreement is reached on the application
of the attendance and conduct procedures to stop and
preclude the misuse and abuse of those procedures.

• The immediate withdrawal of all CWU Representatives’
disciplinary proceedings until an agreed review is
carried out using an independent Mediator to produce
recommendations to strengthen the current procedures.

• That a National Agreement is reached which restores the
RMG and CWU interfaces at the highest level, ensures
full CWU involvement in the development of strategy
and direction, and defines how this will be achieved and
assured going forward.

• Reaffirm the commitment to expand customer offerings
in RM Fleet to strengthen the internal service provided
within Royal Mail and enhance our external customer

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