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Postmasters to demand rise in fees to push their pay over the minimum wage

17 Jun 2019, 11:59 ... imum-wage/

Postmasters have welcomed the start of a landmark pay review – saying they believe it will deliver the rise in income they need to keep branches open.

Post Office minister Kelly Tolhurst launched the review by holding a two-hour summit with sub-postmasters and Post Office executives yesterday.

Postmasters said they will demand a rise in fees to push their pay over the minimum wage, which is £8.21 an hour for over-25s, to reflect the significant responsibility of running a post office.

Some have reported earning as little as £1 an hour after taking into account staff costs and overheads.

The pay for services they provide, such as selling stamps and processing cash deposits, has dropped by £112million since 2012.

Calum Greenhow of the National Federation of Sub-Postmasters said: ‘I believe from yesterday’s meeting the Post Office is serious about increasing postmaster pay. But let’s see what’s on the table.’

Post Office interim chief executive Alisdair Cameron added: ‘Having a coalition of people who care about the future of post offices around the table was hugely productive.’

More than 1,000 post offices are currently shut and, in April, 2,500 sub-postmasters warned they could close or downsize over the next 12 months.

The Daily Mail is demanding fair fees for sub-postmasters to reflect the vital services they provide and their long hours.

This newspaper also wants the Government to extend a subsidy that protects rural post offices.

The Post Office has pledged to increase the fees paid for banking services from October. The fee for handling an £8,000 deposit will rise from £3.12 to £8.16.

But postmasters say their commission fees for other services on behalf of the Government, Royal Mail and other firms are too low.

They are paid £1 for checking an identity document, even though customers are charged £10.50.

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