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Post Office 5.3% two-year pay deal

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Postal, Post Office (PO) October 24 2018

Post Office members will soon begin voting on a fully consolidated two-year pay deal, raising pay by 2.8 per cent from April 2018 and another 2.5 per cent from April 2019.

The package, which was negotiated by the CWU, also enhances annual leave qualification periods – granting an extra three days’ holiday (up to 28) after five years’ service (down from 10) and another two days (to 30) after 10 years’ service (down from 15).

There are also improvements to bonus and incentive schemes, giving members the opportunity to boost their regular earnings further.

“Our Post Office members are facing very difficult times, with the constant attack on their jobs and on the future of the Crown Office Network,” said CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey.

“So we were determined to get the best possible pay deal to benefit all of our members, including those who feel they have no option other than to take voluntary redundancy or a settlement agreement,” he explained.

“The pay agreement has the endorsement of the postal executive and we will be putting this deal out to ballot with a ‘Yes’ recommendation and members are urged to use their vote.”

Ballot papers dispatched Wednesday 24th October
Ballot closes and result declared Wednesday 7th November
If the package is approved, the pay increase and all arrears will be made with December salaries.
For further details please see LTB 600/18

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