Post Office cuts mortgage rates as low as 1.7pc

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Post Office cuts mortgage rates as low as 1.7pc

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The biggest reductions are in the two year fixed-rate products at 3.19pc and 3.49pc which come without an arrangement fee.
Second-time buyers who wish to remortgage could also benefit from the new two-year fixed-rate deal at 1.70pc (60pc LTV) which has a fee of £1,995.
The new reduced rates include:
Two-year fixed rate at 3.19pc (80pc LTV) with no arrangement fee
Two-year fixed rate at 3.49pc (85pc LTV) with no arrangement fee

Five-year fixed rate at 2.85pc (75pc LTV) £995 fee
Two-year fixed rate at 1.70pc (60pc LTV) £1,995 fee
Five-year fixed rate at 3.69pc (85pc LTV) £995 fee

Rachel Springall from website Moneyfacts said: "The two-year fixed rate at 1.70pc (60pc LTV) offers the best mortgage rate. It is 0.01pc off the market leading price. However, the high fee (£1,995) will immediately put off customers who are often attracted by incentives.
"The two-year fixed-rate at 3.49pc (85pc LTV) has that incentive as there is no added arrangement fee, which is appealing to customers who want an instant saving. By taking away this fee, the Post Office have become market leaders in this particular mortgage rate."
John Willcock, head of Post Office mortgages, said: “Post Office’s new mortgage rates are our best ever and offer a range of deals for potential homebuyers, whatever their situation. The rates on many of our products have been significantly reduced, while some are also fee-free."
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Re: Post Office cuts mortgage rates as low as 1.7pc

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They also have a 5yr fixed at 2.98% with no arrangement fees ... nid=PPC_MO" onclick=";return false;.

I'll be looking into this next week and haggling with my current lender to see if they can match it or it's :wave

I love haggling.
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