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Christmas casual

05 Nov 2019, 16:14

I wonder if someone could help
I applied to be a Christmas casual on the 25th September and I received an email stating that I would hear from them shortly about
my application
I have had no email since, so does that mean I haven't been successful in getting a role?(its been over a month)
I did try to see if I could call RM recruitment but cant seem to find a telephone number.I have been back on the RM jobs site and it still says that there
are positions available at Birmingham Mail Centre.
When I log into my account on the job page, just my application is showing live but with no update

Does the process usually take this long?
Any help/guidance would be appreciated
Gareth V

Christmas casual

05 Nov 2019, 16:29

I am also at a similar position to yourself
I applied to a Christmas casual post back around the 2nd week of September, I have only received one response from RM on the 30th September telling me that my application is being progressed to the next stage and we'll be touch with you soon, since then I have been regularly checking my profile on the update of my application, it's status is that my application is going through pre-employment checks, I find that completely strange as I haven't even been invited to an registration event yet :confused

I've tried contacting someone at RM but to no avail as most of their responses are all automated, I don't know if anyone else is going through a similar issue?

Christmas casual

07 Nov 2019, 17:27

I have also had a similar thing very strange as i have worked as a Christmas casual before mine just says under review

Christmas casual

13 Nov 2019, 22:02

I applied on the 10th September
Got notified on the 8th Oct of the registration event - status changed to interview
Attended registration event on the 15th Oct and received offer letter - status changed to pre-employment check
Completed pre employment checks on the 25th Oct
Received Welcome letter on the 12th Nov - status changed to hired

That said it all probably depends on the demand of your MC, when I went to the registration event there weren't a lot of shifts on the wall to choose.

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