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Advice needed!

03 Feb 2019, 18:02

So after completing 2 weeks my feet are sore I'm cold but...I'm enjoying the job and can see this as my long term career...BUT yesterday my trainer said that after doing 2 thirds of a walk I just need to speed up a little bit. Now I can only walk so fast and i am efficient although knocking on doors waiting for an answer then having to scan things and write details on cards if nobody's in costs time and there's nothing you can do about that with parcels etc if it was just mail then it would be easy. Anybody have any tips as I'm a fast walker and post the mail quickly, don't want management to be giving me grief, thanks.

Advice needed!

03 Feb 2019, 18:43

parcels- knock on the door, immediately start to write a 739 out, if they come to the door give them the parcel throw the 739 away, if they havent answered the door by the time youve finished writing the 739 out post it and take the parcel back.

Advice needed!

03 Feb 2019, 18:58

Trainer telling you speed up after a couple of weeks!!! I would say a minimum of six weeks to get an "average" speed - far more important to concentrate on doing the job correctly in the early days in my opinion.

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