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Manpower Staff started today

22 Apr 2020, 00:38

Manpower staff joined Angard staff at my MC this afternoon.

Two hour induction and straight out onto the floor.

Most seem to be people who worked at or connected to Gatwick airport. They seem nice, if shell-shocked.

No financial consideration being given to them in the present risky times; National Minimum Wage.

Seems heartless. Still everyone has to make sacrifices so tgat Rico Black can collect his pittance in Switzerland.

Manpower Staff started today

22 Apr 2020, 09:04

Two hour induction? It's about 20 minutes at our place then away you go and we are now getting two other agencies being used. A few new starters from Angard and most of those seem to be people who have been laid off.

Manpower Staff started today

22 Apr 2020, 09:19

They have to watch the two videos, have the Health & Safety briefing etc.

I felt very sympathetic to their plight.

Unlike many of the people we get who, for whatever reasons, may not have much previous employment, this intake had jobs, some very good ones.

Hopefully things will improve as time passes.

Manpower Staff started today

24 Apr 2020, 08:56

Manpower influx continues across all three 8-hour shifts.

There's at least 50 of them now. Wonder how many we will receive.

Manpower Staff started today

27 Apr 2020, 11:20

I guess the RM security checks have been processed as we've now got a load of new Angard starters on top of all the other agency staff being used so this week only a couple of shifts on offer instead of the full week we have been getting recently.

Manpower Staff started today

27 Apr 2020, 11:35

I keep saying that this influx will lose us shifts but everyone tells me I’m wrong.

I still think that the shifts for existing a Angard staff will reduce.

Manpower Staff started today

30 Apr 2020, 12:55

And the tradition of shafting their own Angard staff has started.

Lots of a Angard staff who hold confirmed shifts for 14:00 to 22:00 shifts at Gatwick MC have suddenly received a text at 11:45 reducing their shift to 18:00 to 22:00.

Meanwhile Manpower are going in at 14:00 with their 13-week contracts, 8-hours/day, National Minimum Wage.

RM make the decisions do its all down to RM going for the cheap and inexperienced staff rather than us.

Some of my colleagues are livid at being food firm the river yet again.

Manpower Staff started today

14 Sep 2020, 19:24

Is anyone else working in a MC where Manpower staff get a full 40 hours a week guaranteed every week while Angard have to wait on shifts on a daily basis and hardly get any shifts?

Been told Manpower are staying.

Manpower Staff started today

14 Sep 2020, 23:22

At my MC they stopping coming weeks ago
once their contracts expired that was it - never seen since

Manpower Staff started today

15 Sep 2020, 20:15

Thanks mate. Thought as much.

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