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Covid 19 pay for Angard Employees

31 Mar 2020, 23:19

Why is there no information coming from Angard for Employees during this Pandemic,no info on Angard website phones taken off for booking, only using email to contact for work it is disgraceful government pays 80% of wages for self employed workers, and as I'm at risk category, I'm not taking the chance any more at my mail center it is disgraceful.

Covid 19 pay for Angard Employees

01 Apr 2020, 08:14

Perhaps it’s because the are working from home, using mobile phones and remote log-ins to their computer system?

It’s not difficult to run an employment agency from out-if-Office but the office phone system would be one of the first casualties.

Just hope that they have enabled remote access to the payroll system so that you get paid on Friday. LOL

Covid 19 pay for Angard Employees

01 Apr 2020, 10:16

The joys of zero hours contracts is we fall between being laid off and being unemployed. There is as much work as you want at the moment so sick pay is the only avenue for claiming anything. It's a personal choice if you want to work or not. Social distancing is pretty much ignored at my mail centre other than a token adjustment of the layout and a manager occasionally shouting keep 6 feet apart. There are nice new notices in the toilets telling you how to wash your hand and dry them with paper towels, only problem is there are no paper towels.

The lack of information from Angard sums up the company. For a supposedly online agency their online information regarding the current situation is minimal on the website, last update was on the 19th March. You should also be able to download the 'key worker' letter they have produced via the website or it should have been emailed to everybody. Most people don't even know it exists at my mail centre. When you do get a shifts text that asks you to reply via text it is the type that reads 'sender doesn't support replies' so you have to generate a fresh text from the number and then they don't reply so you don't know if you are booked or not until the confirmation turns up.

Covid 19 pay for Angard Employees

02 Apr 2020, 13:27

I like working at the mail center but it was a nightmare last week absolute nightmare, I was being booked in by the shift manager so I texted him to say I was not coming in because I did not feel safe, I will only go back if there is full PPE provided and I'm given room to move, as you say we're zero hour so I'll try to do 1 shift every 6 weeks as Angard said I'd lose the higher wage but as my wife said your not going back until it's safe, when that will be I don't know??

Covid 19 pay for Angard Employees

02 Apr 2020, 17:00

You should be able to claim Universal Credit for weeks you don’t have any shifts (this would normally mean you have to be actively seeking work or a second job) but they probably won’t enforce that at the moment). If you qualify for SSP from Angard, UC is reduced by 66% per pound of wages/SSP). You might end up with a few extra pennies this way.

I have to say that generally speaking they have made good adjustments to our work area (more bullrings, separating sorting frames, relocating tray segging etc). The onus is on the staff to maintain the 2 meter separation after that.

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