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Help / AWR / Dr's note

13 Nov 2019, 17:52

If u don't do a shift in 6 weeks you lose your AR pay rate and drop down to min wage.

If one is going to be ill for some weeks can a Dr's note stop the loss of the higher AWR pay rate ?

Help / AWR / Dr's note

14 Nov 2019, 00:56

Theoretically, yes.

Never seen it tested.

Help / AWR / Dr's note

16 Nov 2019, 11:20

Hi I am Angard have been for 5 yrs, Yes a DOCTORS NOTE will pause the clock on AWR I was off sick for 3 months during 2018, discs bulging in my spine and as long as the notes are sent in there will be no problems.

Help / AWR / Dr's note

17 Nov 2019, 18:10

Thanks for info about a Dr's note pausing the 6 week AWR period.

I thought this was the case.

Angard are telling me different.

Do you have a contact name at Angard who you dealt with ?


Help / AWR / Dr's note

17 Nov 2019, 20:44

Hi yes they will say that because we don't actually get company sick pay, but if you send in your sick note, they have to pay you SSP, they don't pay it but the state does through Angard, so when you get it it will be SSP on your pay slip.

Help / AWR / Dr's note

17 Nov 2019, 20:54

To get SSP from the Angard or the government you have to earn on average more than £118 a week. I don't earn anywhere near that on average a week from Angard. ... -form-ssp1

All I want is to maintain my AWR pay rate when I am fit return to work.

Do you have a contact name at Angard who dealt with you ?

Help / AWR / Dr's note

18 Nov 2019, 09:58

Quote ACAS at Angard if they disagree. You are allowed 28 weeks off before you lose AWR, it's at the very bottom of the page in the link below. Unfortunately as is always the case with Angard it depends on who you speak to. Probably best to communicate via the 'queries' on their website so you get any reply in writing.

Help / AWR / Dr's note

18 Nov 2019, 11:55

Thanks for feedback. I have contacted Angard telling them what ACAS say. I also spoke to ACAS this morning who were very helpful.

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