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Christmas 2019

02 Aug 2019, 19:27

The Angard website's advertising to sign up for updates for Christmas work. A while back I did a few winters as a casual employed through Royal Mail - this'll be my first with Angard. At my MC opinion's split between the usual faces that seem to be called in 3 or 4 nights a week who say they get 5 nights a week plus overtime at Christmas, and others who get fewer shifts generally and say they get overlooked in favour of newbies on minimum wage. How've you guys found it?

Christmas 2019

03 Aug 2019, 09:40

It varies between mail centres but they do give priority to the RM Christmas Casuals over Angard staff. That said, most Angard staff tend to get at least 3 shifts a week in the run up to Christmas where I work. It’s not guaranteed though - last year they were when cancelling Christmas Casual’s shifts!

Christmas 2019

27 Aug 2019, 12:12

Dont do Christmas with Angard, even if you're on AWR, with Royal Mail its far less likely you'll have shift cancellations. Made the mistake last Christmas of staying with Angard and every week they would cancel the block booking and then later text you a 6-10 shift which when you finally get off hold is full up.

Christmas 2019

02 Sep 2019, 07:56

Another email this morning re RM shifts at my MC over Christmas.

£10.50/hour, many shifts ‘guaranteed’.

Last time the email was from Indeed job agency.

It’s really taking the proverbial now............ :no no

Christmas 2019

18 Nov 2019, 09:35

Here we are in the middle of November and sod all work compared to booked every day this time last year. Asked Angard about December and still no order from RM for any staff. I was suspicious that RM were holding back from pre-booking staff until they knew whether there would be a strike or not but it now appears more likely they are just going to use RM Christmas casuals for the bulk of the work. Talking to RM managers they were very vague on what is going to happen in December claiming staffing hadn't been decided yet. I really believe that one.

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