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Applied for casual mail sorter

04 Jun 2019, 11:54

I applied for casual mail sorter at Leeds mail centre through Angard and tomorrow I have been asked to go to an interview and bring my passport and other documents. I have some questions about how it all works.

I'm 16 so the pay is between £4.35 and £6.75/hr. Are shifts ever shorter than a few hours? If I get an early morning shift for 2 hours for example I would have to get a taxi which would cost more than I get paid.

If I can't make it to a shift is that a problem? From what I've read on this forum you get a text with shifts when they are available. Can you decline them if you can't make it?

Applied for casual mail sorter

04 Jun 2019, 18:21

Most day/evening shifts are around 4 hours normally although very short ones do occur occasionally. If it's not worth your while just ignore the text or if they ring you turn it down explaining why. Texts may be few and far between and you may not even get a shift as it is down to who can dial fastest in reply! Don't ignore texts too often though or they will stop contacting you particularly if you are new. If you can't make it for any reason just ring up as early as possible if booked for a shift. Ask Angard tomorrow about shift lengths, they should be able to give you an indication of what shift patterns there are at Leeds and you can tell them the sort of shift times that suit you.

It really annoys me that the money is lower because of your age. You are doing the same job you should get the same money. At least if you work long enough to qualify for AWR rates you should get the higher rate of pay and that may well be slightly higher than that quoted on the Angard site.

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