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Some RM staff really hate Angard staff

01 Jun 2019, 11:17

‘My’ MC has posted notes on the walls about the introduction of Car Park passes (in addition to the existing PIN entry system to the parking.

‘Forms will be available to applicants’.......

So, last night I entered the Book Room and found just a single RM stamp member there.

“What do YOU want?” he said, most aggressively.

I explained my wish to apply for a car Pa badge.

“It’s not for the likes of you!” He snarled. “RM staff only!”.

I asked for his nMe and explained, politely that, under AWR, he had just broken the Regulations - at which he went berserk and refused to give me his name.

I went outside, found a Senior Manager and explained what had happened.
Immediately, he telephoned the Book Room to advise that all Sngard staff were permitted to be issued with a pass.

It appears that some of our colleagues, both RM and Angard, are giving out the PIN number to their relatives and friends for use as cheap airport parking when they fly oilfield to the Far East on their extended 6-week holidays.

Also we now have two abandoned car wrecks, presumably dumped by that community for RM to pay to have removed.

Some RM staff really hate Angard staff

03 Jun 2019, 08:17

In my time there was always a them and us attitude. Strange as a good percentage of RM are ex Angard I found it came from the long timers some won’t even acknowledge you exist. Passes to car park and access to the building is a joke I gave up the amount of times I stood outside my MC trying to get in and having to ring a manager to open the door on a night shift.has been through the courts once and now they are being took back again for failure to comply with AWR rules . Over 50 claimants this time mostly from Leeds MC maybe a big fine will get it sorted but there attitude is staggering. I wouldn’t advise anyone to work for them as Angard the money’s great but what goes on to get there can drive you insane .

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