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5 Year plan - share price down by 10%

23 May 2019, 20:59 ... ive-years/ ... royal-mail


5 Year plan - share price down by 10%

23 May 2019, 21:51

paulus103 wrote: ... royal-mail


Oh man, the shares in early 2018 were almost 650p per share. Now its 197.90p per share at it's lowest point in 5 years?! The dividend news didn't please a few people as well as other factors I am not aware that shareholders look for when purchasing shares.

I wonder what the news of a call for a nationwide strike, if Royal Mail does not reverse some of the plans or adjust for the job losses that can occur, will do for us following on from this five year plan reveal?

So in conclusion, Royal Mail’s announcement today was predictable. The CWU National Executive knew this and that is why they submitted Emergency Motion 2 to Postal Conference.

It was carried unanimously and now needs to be actioned.

The London Divisional Committee believes unless we can change the two pronged Royal Mail strategy than the CWU membership must once again rise up and fight to defend their jobs , their terms and conditions and their future.

A Statement by the London Divisional Committee

5 Year plan - share price down by 10%

24 May 2019, 11:30

Would this mean that heavy and larget parcels would be sent elsewhere e.g. not processed in mail centres?
I can see lots of problems for RM in this press release - reduced margins on parcels, productivity targets in later years of 5-year plan etc

5 Year plan - share price down by 10%

24 May 2019, 13:51

Did they say what 'units' these parcels would be processed in?

From experience of the two mail centres I've worked in, having worked for a different parcel firm, they're just not fit for the purpose of processing large parcels on a large scale efficiently. I think some restructuring is definitely required to make RM viable and competitive and that might lead to some job losses in certain mail centres but there must be an opportunity for expansion and job creation potentially in new parcel processing facilities too?
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5 Year plan - share price down by 10%

24 May 2019, 16:21

Angardies, please see our news forum for the latest news including this, and also our Blue shirts forum for parcel changes information ect.

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