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Angard policies & FAQ's

21 Aug 2017, 16:17

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The full range of policies applicable to Angard Staffing workers: ... cy-guides/

Angard Acceptable Use Policy

Angard Attendance Policy

Angard Authority to Sign Policy

Angard Bullying and Harassment Policy

Angard Code of Business Standards

Angard conflict of interest policy

Angard data protection policy

Angard disciplinary policy

Angard equality and fairness policy

Angard family leave policy

Angard gifts and hospitality policy

Grievance Policy

Angard health and safety policy

Angard public and civic duties policy

Angard recruitment policy

Angard social media policy

Angard substance misuse policy

Angard whistleblowing policy

Angard policies

22 Aug 2017, 22:38

You wouldn't happen to have Angard's Policy on Shift Allocation Mr.Postman.
Pointless posting Angards Policies as they don't do anything with grievances or complaints other than toss them straight in the bin.
Farce of a company.

Angard policies

23 Aug 2017, 21:42

I, too, would love to see the the algorithms they use.

Angard policies

02 May 2018, 10:13

Updated with new link.

Angard policies & FAQ's

24 Sep 2018, 01:58

Hi Postman

There appears to be no official policy regarding working for Angard at two sites simultaneously. In 2016, it was approved I could work at two mail centres and I did so for two years, then a supervisor at Angard advised me I could no longer do so, stating (a) they had no way of monitoring if I was breaking the working time directive, ie. having enough time off between shifts and (b) it wasn’t fair on other staff as I would potentially get more shifts than my colleagues.

I verbally appealed this twice, and got nowhere. It seems others on this forum work or have worked at different sites, with no issues (just as I had no issues for two years). Are Angard able to make such a decision locally, with no laid down procedure? How would you suggest I proceed?

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