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CCTV captures delivery driver launching parcel the whole length of a house

25 Mar 2019, 16:15 ... g-16008706

Nathan Sleaford captured the man on CCTV chucking his parcel several feet into the air

This is the moment a delivery driver launched a man's parcel several feet into the air and the entire length of his house in Swinton.

Nathan Sleaford has a CCTV camera on his house that connects to his phone.

He received an alert from Yodel yesterday that his parcel had arrived.

When he checked his footage he was stunned to see the delivery driver launch the parcel over the fence into the side of his house

Mr Sleaford, 27, said: "They said they will replace it if it's damaged but it's beyond the point. It's just the cheek of it."

Fortunately, he said, the parcel was a new coat and wasn't too expensive or likely to be damaged after being thrown.

He added: "The guy could have just dropped it over the fence, he didn't have to throw it. I even put on the note if I am not in to drop it off at my neighbours."

Mr Sleaford said he has already been in touch with Yodel who said that they reported the incident to the area manager.

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