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Hermes leaves Hull man 'disgusted' after dog baubles get lost - but he admits making a huge error

07 Dec 2018, 18:45 ... Bgq6dQ9zg8

An investigation has been launched by the parcel delivery company to find the missing presents

A Hull couple say they were left “disgusted” by Hermes after the courier service “lost” five parcels filled with remembrance baubles in memory of friends’ dogs that have died this year.

In a thoughtful gesture, Trevor Greenough, 65, and his partner Maureen Craven, 67, got specially made decorations to send to their friends across the country.

He says he paid for two to be sent to Essex with the other three going to Leeds, Northampton and Derbyshire. But despite sending the packages weeks ago, none of the parcels have reached their intended destinations.

Hermes has said Mr Greenough did not attach address labels to the parcels, but is now looking to track down his lost items.

Mr Greenough has admitted to not putting address labels on the parcels, with Miss Craven claiming this is something usually done by a delivery driver in Hull who knows the couple.

“It’s really disappointing and now we’ve got to get them made again,” said Mr Greenough. “There is no phone number to call them on which is ridiculous and they never get back to you.

“We are disgusted with them and really upset – even more so Maureen because it was her idea in the first place.”

Miss Craven said: “Our driver who always calls here said ‘I will put the labels on and sort it out for you.’ It’s not the driver’s fault though.

“They shouldn’t have gone astray regardless of what happened.”

Hermes said it has now launched an investigation into the whereabouts of the presents.

A spokeswoman for the German parcel delivery company said: “We have spoken to Mr Greenough who has confirmed that he sent the parcels without address labels attached.

“We are investigating why our courier failed to notice this and have launched a search of the depot network to see if we can locate the items.”

The dog-loving couple who live in Inglemire Lane, north Hull, were keen to send out little festive remembrance gifts to their friends after going through the heartache of losing a pet pooch last year.

The baubles, which cost £4 each to create and deliver, had the name of the dog on them as well as a paw print and, according to Mr Greenough, they had paid for next day delivery.

Although no labels were attached, Mr Greenough is now demanding Hermes reimburse them for the money they spent on making and delivering the baubles.

“It was just something we thought we would do this year and after being in contact with all the people we sent them to it has been hard to find out that none of them have arrived.

Are Hermes to blame for the baubles going missing?

“It’s really upsetting because I am a dog lover and one of mine died just over 12 months ago and I cried my eyes out.

“We just want our money back now and I’m really thinking about going down to where they are based and giving them a piece of my mind.”

Other delivery complaints

Yesterday Emma Carter, who also lives in Inglemire Lane, revealed how she was left furiously waiting for her next-day delivery parcel to arrive for four days.

The 29-year-old ordered a Christmas present from Amazon on November 30 for her partner Ray Bateman and paid for next-day delivery.

However, after days of waiting for its arrival and speaking to over 30 members of staff, the courier had to be “chaperoned” to make sure the delivery was made earlier on Wednesday, December 5.

Hermes apologised to Ms Carter for the “error” in delivering the parcel and admitted the level of customer service she received was “not acceptable nor reflective of Hermes as a business.”

A spokeswoman said: "We deliver more than 330m parcels across the UK each year and the vast majority are delivered on time and without any problems. We have compensated Ms Carter and the item is currently being delivered.”

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