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Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to 10.50 for the London area and 9.50 for All Other Parts of the UK for All Employees

02 Oct 2018, 19:36 ... ID=2369772

Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to £10.50 for the London area and £9.50 for All Other Parts of the UK for All Employees, including Full-Time, Part-Time, Temporary, and Seasonal

New £10.50/£9.50 minimum wage is effective beginning this 1 November

New £10.50/£9.50 minimum wage includes associates employed by temp agencies

More than 17,000 Amazon employees, as well as more than 20,000 seasonal holiday employees, and their families will benefit from the new, higher pay

LONDON—2 October 2018—Amazon today announced it is increasing its minimum wage to £10.50 for the London area and £9.50 for the rest of the UK for all full-time, part-time, temporary (including those hired by agencies), and seasonal employees—effective November 1. The new Amazon £10.50/£9.50 minimum wage will benefit more than 17,000 Amazon employees, as well as over 20,000 seasonal employees who will be hired at Amazon sites across the country this festive season.

"We're excited to announce Amazon is raising our minimum wage for all full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary UK employees—effective November 1," said Doug Gurr, Amazon VP and UK Country Manager. "This will impact more than 37,000 employees across the country, resulting in higher pay for them and their families."

Employees will continue to receive Amazon's industry-leading benefits, including:

    Comprehensive benefits package, including private medical insurance, life assurance, income protection
    Paid breaks
    Company pension plan
    Career Choice, an innovative programme that provides funding for adult education, offering to pre-pay 95% of tuition and associated fees for nationally recognised courses
    Career Skills, which trains hourly associates in critical job skills like resume writing, how to communicate effectively, and computer basics.

Amazon was named one of the top UK companies for both attracting and retaining talent, according to LinkedIn's 2018 Top Attractors list. Amazon was also named the Most Popular Graduate Recruiter in Retail Award at the UK Target Jobs Graduate Awards 2018. To learn more about working at Amazon, click here...

To find out more about the Amazon's new minimum wage... ... -employees

Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to 10.50 for the London area and 9.50 for All Other Parts of the UK for All Employees

03 Oct 2018, 00:03

The vice president of Amazon UK is exited that staff are getting a pay rise. Still push but in line with ALL other companies out there with similar work like uk mail, first post ect. The exception is UPS which are really good wages and conditions, just above RM.. Amazon are tossers who treat their staff like crap. Jumping about a centre with a pda strapped to your wrist seeing how many items you pick and how far you walk. OH WAIT, RM have just did that in DELIVERY. But at least the union is there. Not anywhere near as strong as it was, but still one of the stronger unions out there even against unions like unison with a couple of million members in the public service and they're crap, believe me, I've just lately left. RM are still pretty decent in wages and conditions but the onslaught against them will really kick in soon and EVERYONE in the OPG who's not already a member should join a.s.a.p. Reps, get your fingers out and get the joining forms signed up. :thumbup

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