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Charges on share view account

31 Oct 2018, 08:42

I've just noticed that I have been charged £12 by shareview . I called them and was advised that its a new pricing structure and I will be charged £12 every 6 months for looking after my account.

Is anyone else getting this and is there a way around it.

As I have no plan to sell my shares( especially pay tax and insurance on some of them them) and do the monthly free shares thing it appears my hands are tied.

Seems quite a lot of money for my small amount invested

Charges on share view account

31 Oct 2018, 09:47

I've checked my Shareview/Equiniti account and can't see any sign of charges being levied on either the SIP(free shares) or my nominee account(shares I bought myself).

However there is a fee payable if you have a Investment Account with them. Info here.

The important bit being this:
Once you’ve opened an Equiniti Investment Account you can set up a regular investment to purchase your favourite stocks and shares from only £1.75 per trade per stock on selected equities. It’s easy to do and could help smooth out the bumps in share price movements.

There is an Investment Account custody fee of just 0.25% of the value of your holdings (payable half yearly, minimum of £12.00, maximum of £20.00)

The custody fee will not apply to the Investment Account if an ISA fee is payable.

So I assume you've opened an investment account? Or else they've made a mistake?

Charges on share view account

31 Oct 2018, 16:26

Thanks. I'll have a look to see what it is about tonight. Guess it's because I've brought more shares.

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