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shares sold after winning appeal

08 Sep 2018, 17:35

I was sacked and contacted equinity asking them to hold my shares whilst my appeal was heard and this was agreed.This was in January,i won the appeal in may and 3 weeks later I received a letter saying my shares had been sold a few days previously and around £1500 tax and national insurance deducted.Initially I was told the shares were sold automatically following 30 days after dismissal.After around 10 phonecalls ive now been told my shares cannot be reinstated as this is prevented by HMRC
They could have told me this months ago and yet didn't.Also having won my appeal im supposed to reinstated on the same terms and conditions and clearly this hasn't happened.At the time my shares were sold I was an employee and so there was no justification for the sale to have taken place.

shares sold after winning appeal

08 Sep 2018, 18:26

i would be suing

shares sold after winning appeal

08 Sep 2018, 20:23

Yep, sue for £1500. If you don't ask for more it should be quick and easy. They may even factor in costs to you.

Normally I wouldn't sue my employer but as there appears to have been deliberate action (i.e. it was specifically agreed they wouldn't do it) then you are just correcting their mistake.

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