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Shares for new employees

23 May 2018, 17:30

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I had a look and couldn’t find an answer.
I have been an employee for just over a year and was wondering if I have shares or will get shares? Or do I have to apply for them?

Shares for new employees

24 May 2018, 13:59

No and No.

Shares for new employees

25 May 2018, 22:35

Not an expert but pretty sure the shares were handed out few years ago when the company went private, and that was that. But if you want shares I'm sure you could invest in RM. Might be worthwhile as oppose to paying into a lesser pension pot.

Shares for new employees

28 May 2018, 08:16

There were 4 allocations of free shares which were on the following dates:

15th October 2013
9th April 2014
5th October 2015
6th October 2016

You had to be an employee on those dates and if I remember correctly for about 3-4 months beforehand aswell, to be given any shares.

There's always a vague possibility there may be another free shares allocation, especially for those shares surrendered by 'bad leavers', but there's no actual plans to do so, as far as I'm aware.

There's nothing stopping you from buying some yourself via a stock broker. But giving up the employer contributions, tax relief and PSE you get from paying into the RM pension arrangements in favour of investing directly in RM shares, probably wouldn't be a very good move.

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