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A Royal Mail worker speaks out about privatisation

21 Apr 2018, 09:00


I started working for the Royal Mail sometime after the turn of the Millennium. It was a job I had always wanted. Healthy, out in the fresh air, involving at least four hours a day of intense exercise, and a degree of autonomy, with no managers looking over my shoulder – at least while I was out on my round – it was the perfect job. Still is in many ways.

The basics of the job haven’t changed. I still walk from one address to the next sticking letters through letter boxes. What can possibly go wrong? Well a lot actually. They can destroy the industry by undermining the pension, introducing a form of fake competition, and then privatising it. Competition was introduced in the wake of the third EU Postal Services Directive of 2008, which required all postal markets to be opened up to other companies.

I say ‘fake competition’ because how can you introduce real competition into what is, in its essence, a natural monopoly?

From the We Own It website. Read more here:

A Royal Mail worker speaks out about privatisation

23 Apr 2018, 18:07

couldn't agree more. There is no competition against RM for delivery. Bulk collections. Are RM trying to say that they cannot undercut tnt,and the rest. Make it part of the service again that if you use RM from start to finish you don't pay for collections, the way it used to be. But now RM work for those bastards who treat staff terrible. The union needs to get a public campaign going telling them now it is because we still have the majority of the public on the good old posties side. :wave

A Royal Mail worker speaks out about privatisation

26 Apr 2018, 15:58

It’s the simplest job ever you collect mail sort it deliver it , then you bring in Royal Mail managers and they just do things to make it hard and awkward for everyone, I have a customer on my round who posts a lot of packets he was with rm but now sends with yodel because rm management in collections told him if you don’t like it go elsewhere so he did.

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