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Capita Despair...

20 Oct 2019, 09:12

Finally decided to take my deferred benefits at 55,process started first week of September and I'm still waiting for it to be finalized....I have words that I could use to describe capita but will refrain from using them as I suspect adim wouldn't be too pleased.

Capita Despair...

21 Dec 2019, 23:49

I want to leave in Dec 2020. I know you could insert a funny comment here and I don't blame you. But how long in advance would you advise me to start the process to get my pension lump sum on Dec 1st 2020 and the pension regular payment at the end of that month. I really need to be sure I have the money in the bank before I resign! But I also want to book some flights and a holiday for Dec 2020 early in the new year and need to make sure I will get the cash before I leave and shell out some money on holiday. I don't want to get to Dec, be committed for a holiday and find they have not paid my money into the bank. So this is a long winded way of asking how you got on. Btw I hope it all went well for you in the end. Thanks.

Capita Despair...

22 Dec 2019, 10:58

Mine took 3 months pre capita days

Capita Despair...

22 Dec 2019, 11:31

As mentioned previously on another post, I decided to take my NRA60 at 55. I asked for a quote 4 months prior to my birthday Friday week 3rd Jan. All was going well until I had not received my options letter including AVC choice which I believe arrives 3 - 4 weeks before lump sum is paid. Received an email reply on 17th December from PSC saying apoliges but Capita have not replied to them but once they do they will progress my options letter and send it to me. If it doesn’t arrive before Christmas Eve i will be on holiday and not at my home address until the 31st December so no chance of it being in my bank account on 3rd January but I’m always hopefully optimistic that Capita will pull out all the stops :shock: :sad:

Capita Despair...

22 Dec 2019, 21:57

I have had dealings with capita.
My aunt was a widow of an ex PHG and was offered a lump sum as a final settlement for her pension.
There were problems and a brick wall developed.
My aunt contacted me and I in turn contacted the CEO of Capita , he passed the complaint onto Head of complaints Customer relations team.
The first contact was on 30th Jan and we got payment on the 8th Feb.
Capita were very helpful.
The original claim was in Oct and Capita cited techincal differculties with calculations being received from the Royal Mail pension office.
So in all 4 months, with the above getting involved.
I would recommend using the above e mail addresses to push forward your claim.
Please let me know how you get on.
I want to claim for Dec 20 and will lose 1% of my final salary.
I don't want to work a day past Dec 1st, so timing is every thing.
I will ring capita tomorrow and ask realistically how long does it take to process a claim.

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