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Bristol Mail Centre update

03 Apr 2020, 23:17

Gloves have been put out to take but most people dont know if they are allowed to take them. Tweaker spent whole day making 2m apart posters when everyone will know this already. Worst people at keeping 2m apart are managers who cannot change there behaviour at all, getting close to one another and the Royal Mail Postmen. We have been taking it all very seriously, but fearing the shift managers critisism over whether they clear or not, managers are carrying on like nothings changed. If anything I am working harder than normal as so many people are self isolating. Its about 25 per shift isolating for 2 weeks, and 4 managers. Worst places for not being able to keep away from the next man are large packets and the toilets. All the toilets seem to have been designed to be as small as possible. All are internal with no windows. There are only 3 toilets. One is too small, I dont go near it. One has broken hand dryers and just a wet roll of towels to compensate on the top. Went in the largest toilet most of the day and every cubicle had a blocked toilet most of the day. Basically, its bound to go through here pretty quickly.

Bristol Mail Centre update

09 Apr 2020, 01:20

Toilets are unblocked and new hand dryers installed where they were broken. Hand sanitiser handed out to some. New reaction from more senior junior managers in mail centre. Most junior finally get it after three weeks. Slightly senior junior seem angry that their plans are interupted by this nasty virus. BandQ spied on people as they entered the building to police that they were 2m apart but couldnt give a toss when they started to process the mail, his new enthusiasm only lasted for 30 minutes. Three weeks to late BandQ. How about the large packets in the warehouse. Rob (my robotics course was a joke) hasn't fallen through the glass even though he leant on it hard enough, has lost it after listening to Trump the narcissist. Should have spoken to more than three people since you have arrived. After all didn't Trump get Lennon sacked. Rob (my robotics course was a joke) tried to declare that anyone getting closer than 2m would have their pay stopped. Sorry you have to look at us each day from the window Rob, were not all from here, our apologies. How do you keep 2m apart in the toilet when they were designed to be as small as possible. Try walking around tipping belts keeping away from anyone else. No cleaning of surfaces at all - handstamps, buttons, boxes, machines, yorks, even after three people have now caught the virus.

Bristol Mail Centre update

09 Apr 2020, 07:55

I am finding the same re large parcels - not enough room for multiple bullrings at our MC and one person segging/sorting would take forever. The staff are constantly bumping into each other! The other issue is at the end of the shift when staff feel obliged to dive into bullrings etc to help each other hit the deadline.

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