Post office history

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Post office history

Post by Stumark »

Hi all,

I was hoping someone would be able to help with some queries about history!

We live in an old post office and would like to understand a bit more about its history. We have an image from the early 1900s (attached) that shows the post mistress and a post office sign above the door

We have no idea when this post office closed - do Royal Mail have any records that would help with this?

We are looking to get a nice sign for the front of the house. Whilst Googling, we found the attached, which is a sign on an old post office in Kendal. Whilst the sign looks lovely, we were worried that it might not be a true reflection of the history of our house:

- the post horn emblem looks good but we're not sure whether this was ever a logo associated with the UK Post office.
- we struggled to find much information on historic post office logos.
- we're also not sure whether the colour red would have been used when our house was a post office

Any thoughts or information on this would be hugely appreciated. We want to try and stay true to the history of the house.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your time, Stuart
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Post office history

Post by PostmanBitesDog »

Hi Stumark,

Have you tried reaching out to The Postal Museum ( They might be able to assist you.
- the post horn emblem looks good but we're not sure whether this was ever a logo associated with the UK Post office
It's common in a lot of countries, and it began when horse-drawn coaches used a horn to announce their arrivals at a certain destination or to warn anyone to move out of the way on the roads. I remember seeing the horn symbol a lot in Germany as part of Deutsche Post's logo. The pic you uploaded looks similar to one of Jersey Post's old logos with the horn.
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