Times Gone By: Striking postie back to work with good reason

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Times Gone By: Striking postie back to work with good reason

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Alan Beckwith

FEELINGS were running high among postmen and women in 1971 when their strike for a better deal seem to be dragging on forever, having lasted from January 20 to March 4 - total of seven weeks.

Among those who were keen to support the strike was postman 23-year-old Alan Beckwith, of Brook Glen Road, who at one stage was asked to empty telephone kiosk coin boxes - a job he wouldn't normally do.

After discussions, he was allowed to work normally as a postman and with the full blessing of his trade union, the Union of Post Office Workers led by the splendidly moustached Tom Jackson.

The reason for Alan's return to work during the strike was quite simple . . . Alan was about to emigrate and union officials agreed that Alan should go back to work in order to serve out his three weeks' notice.

"I went back very reluctantly. I had to do a lot of explaining," he told the Newsletter.

Alan had served as secretary of Stafford Youth Football League, manager of Rising Brook youth side and an assistant at Rising Brook Youth Club. He set sail for Australia on March 20 1971.
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