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07 Apr 2019, 20:59

Hey all, I'm a new start, 3 weeks in. I'm loving the work, I spent 7 years working from home at night so it's a pretty big change. My right leg is giving me hell and my driver is one of those ones who like to finish as quick as they can, while I'm quite happy to finish when I'm suppose too. So I've seen myself give a wee jog between certain stretches, just to keep him happy. I know I will be told to grow a backbone and tell him to p off but at the moment I just trying to fit in but I know I'll get taken a lent of further down the line if I keep that up.

Due to all the rushing, I've already had my first big mistake and compliant where a package has gone AWOL. The lass from the office kept repeating about it going missing and I kept saying I remember putting the package in my bag after writing the card but thats it, we had quite a few returns and I was left putting back all the returns myself. It was my first solo week without a shadow but I just repeated that I must've put it in the wrong sack. It's kinda put me in doubts that I'm doing anything right and taken it quite to heart. I want to keep up but I also want to do the job as best as I can.

I felt like its trial by fire and that I still need to be taught certain things. Like I have no idea what time I'm suppose to come in to the office. It's normally 9am but I know there's a day which is 8:30 but I'm clueless to know which day I'm coming in early. I don't live near the office, I'm doing a bit of travel as I'm in between homes at the moment but just silly stuff like that is annoying.


08 Apr 2019, 06:38

Hi EchoPark, I'm also a new starter about to start my forth week. I'm also having trouble finding out my start time. I was told to start at 8.30 but when I get to my frame only the early prep has been done. So to avoid traffic, I've been starting at 8.00 and this gives me more time to finish prepping and packets. We still end up being one of the last pair to leave the office and have been going over most days.
The sign in sheet has me starting at earlier times but I never know the day before. I'm also having trouble finding out my day off, never being told until I'm leaving the day before.
I am loving the job though with luckily no aches and pains yet but I am exhausted at night. I've got to book my overtime tomorrow and that will be interesting.


09 Apr 2019, 11:58

Don't run, don't start before your time unless your getting paid and want to do it. As new starters everything is steep learning curve for several weeks. Just take your time and if your partner is making you run tell them to piss off. Also I bet your manager knows your starting early and saying nothing because he is getting 2.5 hours free work off you every week. If you don't stand your ground you will have the piss taken from you by management and some fellow posties. RM is a bit like being back at school where it's survival of the fittest I'm afraid, lol, unless it's one of the better run DOs. Anyway good luck. :thumbup


12 Apr 2019, 20:41

Hi, I'm new as well, 3 weeks in.
In our office when you finish your round and come back to the office to sign out you can check the rota for the next day which is on the wall, I think that should apply to most DO. :Boo hoo!


21 May 2019, 21:03

You'll get the gist of your start time. You must speak to your work coach and ask and if they don't tell you the right info then speak to the union person. Managers probably won't even know your correct start time. I speak from experience and have ended up making my own start time up! You wouldn't believe it would you? The whole place is a shambles if you ask me. I do think they make it deliberately hard so they get free time off newbies. My work coach nearly made me quit as I too ran the round to keep him happy as he kept saying he'd done the last bit of my loop ....again! Was very glad to get a round by myself on a HCT . Find a helpful work colleague to show and tell you the do and donuts and the ups and downs x

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