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ex post office worker death

29 Sep 2018, 20:51

Hi new to this and after some advice. My father has just passed away but used to work for the post office for over 10 years back in the 70's can anyone tell me if there are any applicable death benefits for ex postal workers. I am trying to help my mum juggle finances now my father has passed away. I cant find any old paperwork and dont know if he paid into a pension scheme. Any info or leads would be greatly appreciated. thanks

ex post office worker death

02 Oct 2018, 08:48

Sorry for your loss.

1. The first place to check is the Royal Mail Pensions Service Centre on 0114 241 4545. They should be able to advise if there was anything in your father’s pension, including if there was a payout of this type. The pension schemes changed several times over the years, so I wouldn’t like to say what was even in the scheme from that time.

2. We used to have death in service benefit, but obviously this wouldn’t apply here.

3. If your Mother is struggling financially then it might be worth applying to the Rowland Hill Fund. I am not sure if your Mum qualifies but she could ask. There are similar funds for other some other employers so it might be worth going through the employment history of both parents and seeing if you can find something.

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