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Counter training - parcels

02 Oct 2016, 11:54

My local newsagent has opened a sub PO counter. The staff have been left somewhat high and dry in terms of training...

I've just been across with 2 parcels, 2nd class signed for Royal Mail small parcels pre-paid through ebay. (I know it's Sunday, but it beats the Monday morning queue). I placed the parcel on the scale and the manager then got lost (there were no staff who know how to use the system working today)."is it contract" - "yes". He then tried to enter the right service - such as "9 next day" and I said that it wouldn't be that as I've only paid for 2nd class.

It just got worse after that point as he wasn't able to get the machine to respond and we had to agree to give up and for me to join the queue in the morning. No criticism of the staff - they're very helpful.

Does anyone know if there are any flow charts or training sheets that are downloadable that I can give to them that show the exact sequence of buttons to press ? As the manager said this morning "we've been left somewhat high and dry with no training material etc".

Counter training - parcels

02 Oct 2016, 15:07

The training is a bit more complicated than just a few flow charts. I must admit that I am not sure what training sub post office staff receive with respect to this. However, there are a number of other types of training that all PO staff must undertake before serving any customers and it sounds like they haven't done this.

Counter training - parcels

02 Oct 2016, 15:15

It is very important that you register a complaint about this with Post Office customer services. The franchise may have beaten another potential franchisee to the right to be a PO in your area on the basis of providing these extended hours services. It's important that franchisees are held to their promises. Call PO customer services on 03457 22 33 44 (not open on Sundays) or see for other ways to contact them.

BTW probably better to put things like this in the customer forum in future.

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