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What's it like nowadays?

01 Apr 2014, 21:57

I got out two years ago luckily. After the place killed everything I did once kind of enjoy about working there, working with regular customers(even when sales first came in, i tolerated it, kind of enjoyed the challenge and wasn't pushy compared to what was to come) which they killed by forcing scripts and never ending monitoring on you, working with my colleagues who were brilliant(as were most from other crowns i worked at) but the place broke them down one by one, working in a job that was vaguely varied for a retail gig if you did back office jobs too which they killed.

And also the never ending influx of managers there to monitor. Oh yeah, and endless pay disputes.

But still, sometimes I miss it. I don't know why. But I had nothing invested with the PO itself, so upping and leaving was straightforward for me unlike a lot I worked with. Even with a slight pay decrease at the time.

Is is worse than ever? Do they still have like 3 "salesmen" in the front not doing much in most offices? Occasionally when I go back into a crown, those desks seem to be empty. But I've moved from where I worked, so have never caught up with how the place is now....maybe when the inevitable closure party happens, an invite will pop up at my parents house or something.

Re: What's it like nowadays?

04 Apr 2014, 22:31

You make some excellent and valid points clockworkjerk.

The one thing I don't understand is how you sometimes miss the place ????

What's it like nowadays?

12 Dec 2017, 15:56

Well, I got out 5 years ago before they totally cracked me. Miss the people, don't miss the firm.

Anyway, looks like nothing has got any better judging by my car tax receipt:
"... at ... tax or SORN your vehicle ..."

How many other companies advertise competitors and try to lose work? I bet my Asda receipt will not say "You could have bought your groceries at".

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