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Letters: 'Royal Mail has been going downhill for a long time'

24 Sep 2020, 09:03 ... long-time/

WELL it’s come to fruition. Royal Mail has hinted that it may ask Ofcom to let it drop Saturday deliveries - do they think that all of us have the brains of a rocking horse and we did not know that was coming?

When coronavirus took hold, the Mail said that because of staff shortages for a period it was dropping the Saturday deliveries. We all knew then that this was the first steps towards it.

Coronavirus has given them the excuse they wanted, but let’s be honest, it’s another one of our great institutions slowly disappearing.

Royal Mail has been going downhill for a long time. I have had reason to write and complain to their head office at London Embankment and I had a visit from the local office manager because of it, mail going elsewhere and being re-directed, people bringing mail that’s gone to theirs and vice versa, and days when you know they had not been.

In our postcode we very rarely see the same post person twice.

What has to be realised is that there are still tens of thousands of people who still do not do online banking, especially pensioners, and their personal details are going anywhere.

Can people remember when you knew your post person by name? Older people will remember waiting see them coming and opening the door to speak them because it was the only person they saw, and the post person kept an eye open to anything unusual. Many lives have been saved by post persons in the past.

But it’s not just here. It has gone to pot nationwide. For instance, I posted a card in Sherburn for my sister-in-law in Birmingham on Wednesday, August 5, for her birthday on Sunday, August 9. My sister posted one from Oldbury just outside Birmingham on the same day, and her own sister posted one in Stoke on that day as well, and they all arrived on August 11!

At the end of the day, you are promised and paying for a service and not getting it - it boils down to legalised robbery.

D Dunbar, Sherburn Village.

Letters: 'Royal Mail has been going downhill for a long time'

24 Sep 2020, 15:00

Let’s see if it happens?

Letters: 'Royal Mail has been going downhill for a long time'

24 Sep 2020, 21:08

It will. Other countries have cut back on the six-day a week postal service for years now and it's proved successful.

Besides, the above letter from D. Dunbar is a rant that wanders all over the place.

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