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Royal Mail accused of sending letters once a week in Didcot

18 Sep 2020, 21:26 ... ek-didcot/

Royal Mail accused of sending letters once a week in Didcot


Royal Mail has been accused of only posting letters once a week in Didcot.

A resident of Great Western Park is concerned letters are only being posted on allocated days due to the pandemic.

However, a Royal Mail Spokesperson said: "There are no reported issues in Oxford and service levels are now running close to normal. From the start of this crisis, we always said that despite our best endeavours, it is possible that some areas of the country may experience a reduction in service levels due to Coronavirus-related absences at their local mail centre or delivery office."

Few of the comments on the topic:

micky1 13 hrs ago
7 This is fact I live on Sandhills in Headington and have the same problem. I spoke to the postman when we eventually saw him and he verified that he is taken off letters on certain days and only deliver parcels on instruction from the sorting office at Ledger close ( east oxford sorting office). Also the amount of mail going missing is horrendous.I recieved a letter posted 28 August and recieved 11 sept really bad service now privatised.

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Jennifer Jones 2 hrs ago
0 O'Donnell ?
Royal Mail should really come forward with a better response

THEBeardedWARRIOR 13 hrs ago
7 This what happens when there isnt enough staff due to illness and holidays but also the awful top mangement from above never done the job before and lining there own pockets from the profits the Royal mail needs to be renationalised.

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Do people not think the post office wasnt effected by the pandemic. I was happy to at least recieve my post once a week and as for parcels it was hard to say when they would arrive. But during the lockdown I wouldn't have expected anything more. It was a tough time all businesses. I thank those who carried on working to get as much post out as possible.. and those that are still working hard.

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