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Royal Mail worker walked out shift and flew to Japan to kill himself before wedding

27 Aug 2020, 20:47 ... t-22586841

A Royal Mail worker flew to Tokyo and took his own life after walking out of work and telling his family "I do not want the life I have", an inquest heard.

Adeel Awais hanged himself six weeks before he was due to wed a teenage distant relative in an arranged marriage, and sent a tragic message to relatives saying: "I have been dealt one bad card after another, I do not want to keep playing."

In November last year, the 26-year-old took a break from work but never returned, instead flying to Frankfurt before jetting off to Japan, where he hanged himself in a hotel room, a coroner was told.

Born in Denmark, Adeel moved to the UK with his family in 2003, settling in Slough, Berks., and taking a job at Royal Mail's Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre, sorting international mail.

The inquest heard that the young man was engaged to a distant relative from Pakistan as part of an arranged marriage that was due to take place in February this year.

Adeel Awais worked at Royal Mail's Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre

However, in messages to his brother Umar, he explained the prospect of marriage both excited and depressed him.

Later in an email, Adeel wrote: "By the time you have read this, I will be dead.

"I did not leave because of the marriage, I left because I do not want the life I have. I work my arse off and have no rewards.

"I have been dealt one bad card after another, I do not want to keep playing.

"If I meet Allah, I will tell him to cut you guys some slack."

Having not returned to work on November 29, 2019, his family was informed and immediately reported him as a missing person.

Following police inquiries, it appeared Adeel had flown from Heathrow Airport to Frankfurt.

Concerned for his welfare, officers emailed Adeel asking for his whereabouts and on December 1, they received a mysterious response.

Adeel wrote: "I have been reported missing. I am not missing, I left home on my own and I am perfectly fine. I do not want to contact my family and I would appreciate it if you would not either."

Two days later, Adeel's brothers logged into his NatWest banking account and discovered he had made two ATM withdrawals in the same location, so the desperate men flew out to Germany to see if they could find him.

However, their efforts were too late as Adeel was already on his way to Japan - a sentimental destination he had visited twice before.

In communications with his distressed brother Umar, Adeel discussed matters which troubled him.

He felt he was suffering without having a degree, he was about to run out of money and the prospect of marriage both excited and depressed him, the assistant Berkshire coroner heard.

On December 9, 2019, Adeel's devastated family received the email.

The Adeel's body was found in his room in the Net Room Manboo Hotel in Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

His brothers travelled to Japan to recover his property and the young man's body was repatriated to the UK.

Investigating the case, Rina Sahota spoke to Adeel's mother Rukhsana, who confirmed he had not performed well at university and had got engaged to a distant relative in Pakistan.

She said: "His fiancee was too young at the time so they decided to wait until she had grown up before arranging to get married in February 2020. The girl is now aged 19 years.

"The last time Rukhsana saw her son was on November 28 when they had a conversation about how much she should spend on a necklace for his fiancee."

Sitting at Berkshire Coroner's Court, assistant Coroner Ian Wade QC said: "I am satisfied that Adeel died on December 7, 2019, it followed barely a week after he left the country in despair.

"He flew from London to Frankfurt and then made his way to Tokyo.

"It was a place that meant something to him and it was in Tokyo he decided to hang himself. He knew what he was doing, he knew what the outcome would be."

The assistant coroner returned a verdict of suicide.

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Royal Mail worker walked out shift and flew to Japan to kill himself before wedding

27 Aug 2020, 23:43

Well that's pretty sad. :cry

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