York Central plans may have 'significant impact' on Royal Mail

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York Central plans may have 'significant impact' on Royal Mail

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ROYAL Mail has warned plans to close Leeman Road in one direction as part of the York Central development would have a "significant impact" on its business.

The company, which has a large delivery office based on Leeman Road, has objected to a planning application for the scheme.

The construction phase of the project could "sever access to the site" - Royal Mail warns in a statement.

It says: "Royal Mail is concerned that the proposed works could potentially have an impact upon their ability to meet their statutory duty, as it could cause delays in the delivery process.

"Some of the likely phases of the works will clearly have the potential to cause a significant level of disruption to the delivery office, including severing of the access to the site."

And a 24-hour traffic survey commissioned by the company revealed that there were a total of 482 vehicles travelling to and from the delivery office, of which 136 vehicles, 28 per cent, used the Leeman Road Tunnel route.

Leeman Road Tunnel will be made one-way under the scheme - with Leeman Road closed on the other side of the tunnel and a new route created through the development.

The letter from Royal Mail says: "Whilst Royal Mail does not object to the principle of the York Central development, the closure of Leeman Road will create local difficulties for the existing operations at the delivery office with regards to the impact on journey times for their vehicles travelling to and from the west and the use of the car park spaces adjacent to the National Railway Museum.

"It can be seen that a significant number of the Royal Mail vehicle movements arrive /depart the delivery office via the Leeman Road Tunnel.

"It is noted that the construction of the submitted proposals has the potential to cause a significant level of disruption to the existing operations at the delivery office. This could impede the ability of Royal Mail to fulfil their statutory duties, noting that the importance of Royal Mail’s local and national role as the UK’s designated universal postal service provider."

The delivery office has about 250 staff.

The planning application was submitted in April and has attracted 58 objection comments.

A council spokesperson has said York Central is set to create up to 2,500 homes and 6,500 jobs.

The Government confirmed it will put £77.1 million of funding towards the next stage of the project. And council leader Keith Aspden has said the site is being considered as a future home for the House of Lords or a new government hub. ... glance.php" onclick=";return false;
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