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There With You: Meet the postman going out of his way to check on people in Clevedon

21 Mar 2020, 14:28 ... -1-6570591


Two postmen from a North Somerset town have been going ‘the extra mile’ to check on residents during their round.

Geoff Sacklyn has been praised by several residents in Clevedon on Facebook for making sure they are ok during the coronavirus pandemic.

Geoff, who goes on rounds with his colleague Steve Twigger, did not expect the reaction he has received.

A resident from Clevedon posted on a Facebook group: “Today I had my local postie knock on my door to make sure I was ok. Two weeks ago I had a chest infection and he saw then I was poorly. What a kind thing to do.

“He is my regular postie always wears shorts so thoughtful thank you postman.”

The online post attracted more kind words from residents who also added their thoughts with some calling him ‘lovely’, ‘kind’ and ‘helpful.’

Geoff, who was been working in Clevedon for five years, said: “It’s a part of what we do as postmen. You know who’s vulnerable and you try to help as much as you can. Everyone is keeping their distance so we do as much as we can and go that little extra for some people.

“Me and Steve work as a team, someone has been kind to mention me but the person I’m with is also doing a great job too.

“You get 1,200 between two people and you get to know the people and we have a laugh with them. You’re their shoulder to cry on if they need a chat or something, someone to pop in and see they are ok.

“We are the outside world to some people who can’t go out.

“It’s a mixed bag of people in Clevedon, you get the elderly people on the route and they are the most vulnerable because you don’t know if they have family, so you check they are ok.

“It’s nice to be out, obviously we are the lucky ones who are out working and out and about while some people aren’t.

“It’s nice to bring light to situations the best you can.”

His stepdaughter, Nicola Rich said it was no surprise when she realised the postman who was being spoken about was her stepfather because of ‘his kind nature.

She said: “Sometimes you think it’s about making grand gestures but it’s about saying hello and contacting people, I think that’s what I am most proud of because the community is valuing that. We are really proud of him.”

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