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Letter that started a war of words between a postman and his neighbours over a 'tacky' Christmas lights display was a PRANK sent by his work mates

07 Dec 2019, 09:44 ... PRANK.html

Billy Morgan, 38, believed his neighbours sent a letter branding the lights 'tacky'
But he later discovered the letter was a festive prank sent by his work colleagues
The letter begged Billy to 'tone down' his 'attention-seeking' Christmas lights
The postman received the letter two days after splurging £220 on the display
But a furious Billy declared war by attaching the letter to an inflatable character

A postman has been left red-faced after going to war with his neighbours for branding his Christmas lights 'tacky' - only for him to discover the letter was a prank by work friends.

The trio confessed to Billy Morgan when the festive prank snowballed and he splashed out on a 6ft inflatable elf and more lights to add to the display.

The 38-year-old received the letter two days after covering his home in £220-worth of twinkling icicle lights, inflatable characters and projector lights.



The letter, begging him to 'tone down' his 'tacky, attention-seeking' lights, claimed the be from neighbours - but enraged Billy declared war and bought more inflatable characters instead.

However after his story hit the headlines on Thursday, work pals confessed they were behind the prank and had been left panicking once they realised it had 'gone too far'.

The postman is now plotting pre-Christmas revenge on pals who cooked up the scheme, conceding he probably won't top it, but is vowing to' give it a good go'.

Billy, from Bridgwater, Somerset, said: 'Yesterday one of the guys came up to me at work and said 'Billy, I'm really sorry is it too late to say it was me?'

'He was just joking and winding me up about it but the person who did actually did do it was stood next to me.

'I could tell by looking at his face that he was bricking himself.

'He then showed me the messages between him and a couple of other people. The messages read, 'it's gone too far now, stop it' but they didn't and it just snowballed.

'The bloke behind it was panicking about how I was going to react and what revenge I was going to get.

'Apparently my reaction was better than expected, I called him a few choice words and went and found the others.

'I have got some revenge in the pipeline on Christmas Eve. I don't think I can top what they did but I'm going to give it a good go.'

Dad-of-four Billy said that since 'going to war' on the perpetrators behind the note, he's been inundated with support from neighbours.

Billy said: 'One of my neighbours, who I thought it might have been, came over with some mistletoe and wished us all a very happy Christmas.

'Other neighbours and passersby have been shouting over 'we love your lights' - everybody is trying not to get the name for it.'

Billy, who lives with 38-year-old kitchen assistant fiancée Claire Wood and their children Harvey Baker, 15, Mason Baker, 12, Draven Morgan, 11, and five-year-old Macy Morgan, has since shared an update on social media that it was his work pals behind the scheme.

He wrote: 'I would like to thank and apologise to everyone on here and my neighbours but these three clowns were the culprits of the note please give them a round of applause or maybe just throw coal at them when you see them please.'

Billy had decorated the family front garden with £220-worth of twinkling icicle lights, an inflatable Santa, inflatable snowman and three projectors that give the illusion the house is covered in swirling snow on Sunday.

But two days later a hand-written letter, claiming to be from a group of neighbours, blasted the 'tacky, attention-seeking' lights and urged them to 'tone it down'.

The note, written in block capitals, read: 'Polite request. Myself & other neighbours I have spoken with feel as though your attention seeking 'Christmas' display is just far too much, it's on the verge of tacky.

'All about the Christmas spirit but please tone it down. Thanks, Neighbours.'

Baffled Billy laughed when he discovered the note lying on the floor by the letterbox but said he could not see who left the note when checking outside the window.

Instead of following the note writer's advice, Billy decided to add to his Christmas collection, snapping up more lights, a 6ft inflatable elf and a box of candy canes for passersby to tuck into.

He even blew up the note to A3 size, laminated it and attached it to the newly-installed elf so everyone could see what had been sent to them.

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