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Neighbour blasts selfish prat blocking postbox

09 Nov 2019, 12:13 ... g-20844690

Neighbour blasts ‘selfish pratt’ blocking postbox in misspelled note left on car
A note left by a furious neighbour accusing a Surrey motorist's parking of obstructing the Royal Mail has been celebrated as extremely British


An angry neighbour has taken aim at a 'selfish' motorist's bad parking - claiming they were preventing the Royal Mail from delivering the post.

But while most observers could agree the parking left a lot to be desired, the note left on the car had the Internet tickled.

Scrawled in capital letters that captured the writer's passion for enabling the Royal Mail to carry out its duties - the note was quickly dubbed the 'most British' ever.

That is except for the spelling, which led an amused Reigate, Surrey resident to post a snap of the note they spotted on reddit.

They posted a picture of the blue car parked on a pavement, rammed tight against a traditional red mailbox, accompanied by a close-up of the message stuck to its driver's side door.

Written entirely in upper-case, the note shouted: "Your selfish parking has prevented the Royal Mail from opening the Post Box, causing everyone's letters to be delayed by 24 hours you utter pratt!"


The pictures were posted overnight on the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit dedicated to 'Selfish Parking.'

Many redditors admired the spirit of the note.

"The car, the note, the parking, the pratt, the royal mail, the postbox. So much Brit," one wrote.

Others judged a clear misspelling in the note as decidedly un-British.

One redditor mused: "I think he spelt the insult wrong though, which is somehow less British. By my understanding 'prat' is the insult, 'Pratt' is a surname."

The Royal Mail assured all concerned the post was able to be delivered

Neighbour blasts selfish prat blocking postbox

09 Nov 2019, 16:47

Lucky person, punishable by fine and/or prison sentence.

Neighbour blasts selfish prat blocking postbox

09 Nov 2019, 22:28

The postbox i'm 'supposed' to empty is surrounded by wheelie bins every Tuesday so never gets emptied on that day :Very Happy

Neighbour blasts selfish prat blocking postbox

10 Nov 2019, 14:49

I thought the word Prat started with the letter C. Silly me.

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