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Royal Mail postman saves life of Dartford customer with Parkinson's

11 Oct 2019, 14:56 ... fe-213944/

A postman saved the life of one of his elderly customers who was left lying on the floor for two days.

Matt Lane, who delivers around Dartford and Longfield, has been commended by his employer and the 75-year-old customer after he rescued him at his home in June.

The anonymous man, who sent a letter to Royal Mail praising Mr Lane, thanked the 23-year-old for “no doubt saving his life” when he saw his front door was open while on his delivery round.

In a letter to the post service, he wrote about his Parkinson’s condition and how he had fallen over one night.

“I fell over on Thursday, June 13, and spent the night on the floor,” he said.

“Two callers came and went without realising my predicament. I managed to open the front door with my foot when Matt arrived with the post.

“He pushed the door open and found me.

"He quickly sought help from a neighbour and phoned for an ambulance.”

The mystery man explained how he was in hospital for five days after the fall, adding: “If Matt had not found me, I was not due any visitors. I was becoming weak and would not have survived.

“I will always be grateful to Matt for doing that little bit extra and saving me.”

Matt, who lives in Vigo and has a black and white cat named Bow, has been back several times to visit the man to check he is okay.

He said: “It’s just part of the job, even if I wasn’t at work and saw a man or woman struggling you should always help.

"I will always be grateful to Matt for doing that little bit extra and saving me..." - Matt's customer

“I’d like to think that if any of my friends or family were in need as this man was then people wouldn’t think twice to give them a hand.”

He was praised by Royal Mail for his actions.

Head of campaigns Mark Street said: “We’re very proud of Matt and his actions in helping one of his elderly customers while out on his daily delivery.
“Royal Mail’s postmen and women are out in the community six days a week, delivering to around 30 million addresses across the UK every day.

“Matt’s actions demonstrate exactly why our postmen and women are such highly valued members of their local communities.”

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