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Thirty years of confusion for neighbours in Le Gendre Street, Bolton

30 Sep 2019, 11:38 ... xGThdnJHkc

A MISTAKE which took place when building a street has led to years of mix-ups for its residents.

Le Gendre Street, in Tonge Moor was originally a built as a short, two house street between Thicketford Road and Fountains Avenue.

A much longer stretch was then built between Fountains Avenue and Glaisdale Street but this led to duplicate number 1 and number 3 houses.

To solve the issue, the newer houses were changed to 1A and 3A but when the original 3 Le Gendre Street became flats, problems arose.

Confusingly, there is now a Flat A inside 3 Le Gendre Street, as well as 3A Le Gendre Street on a completely different stretch of road 350ft away.

Joan Bergmann moved into 3A Le Gendre Street with her husband in 1985 and she claims the issues started after around five years.

She said: "I've lost count of the number of mistakes.

"We've had mix-ups with the gas and electric bills, the gas company tried to charge me for the other address.

"They've tried to install a Sky satellite in my front garden. It's a good job I was in at the time.

"Somebody even wrote to them once to apologise about the postal mix-up and that came to me as well. "

Despite a multitude of complaints, the problem is still continuing almost 30 years after it first started.

A woman has just moved into the flat and Mrs Bergmann wants it to get sorted for her sake just as much as her own.

She added: "The council were supposed to rename the smaller street Le Gendre Street South but they just changed the postcode.

"A young lady has just moved into the other flat and her TV licence has turned up here, as well as a confidential letter. Something needs to be done."

Bolton Council has said that the official name of the shorter street is Le Gendre Street South and they will put up new street signs to reflect this.

A spokesman said: “We will order some street signs for Le Gendre Street South which will hopefully help to clear up any confusion."

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