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Royal Mail criticised over response to Bilston closure concerns

23 Sep 2019, 08:22 ... -concerns/

An MP has hit out at the Royal Mail over its response to his concerns over the closure of a delivery office.

Pat McFadden urged the Royal Mail to re-think its decision to shut the base in Bilston, which will result in locals having to travel into Wolverhampton to collect undelivered parcels.

He claimed the move would have a "major impact" on Bilston residents.

But the Labour MP was left unimpressed with the response to his letter from Royal Mail which sought to reassure him by saying parcels could be left with neighbours.

He was also irked by the suggestion people living in Bilston could easily get the tram to the offices in Sun Street, despite them being a considerable walk across the city centre from where the Midland Metro actually terminates.

In response to the letter signed by senior public affairs manager Michael Hogg, Mr McFadden said: "You say that parcels can be left with a neighbour. On occasion, they can but that is the situation at present - it's not a new development because of the closure of the delivery office. And it is often not practical because neighbours are out too due to work or other commitments. That is why people need a parcel collection point in the first place."

He went on: "The decision over Bilston will mean my constituents having to travel significantly further at a greatly increased cost of time and convenience.

"I am afraid that in advising my constituents to use the tram to go to Sun Street you are revealing that whoever took this decision did not have an appreciation of the inconvenience this would cause.

"There are trams from Bilston but there is no tram stop very near the Sun Street mail centre. To do that journey from Bilston would take probably an hour round trip and even in your own car, it would take at least 30 minutes round trip.

"Your reply gives me no confidence that this closure will not result in significant inconvenience for my constituents - your customers."

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