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Good article about the strike ballot

10 Sep 2019, 19:40

This is a good article by an anonymous postie (pro-strike, of course!) ... ke-ballot/

Finishes off by talking about what went wrong in 2017 and preparing for this time round:

"Activists and reps should gear up again like 2017, with gate rallies, off-site meetings, delegations of workers from stronger offices visiting the less solid ones to support them, and elected strike committees to make sure everyone votes yes and stays strong. Parcelforce workers can’t wait for the ballot, they should walk out and demand the union backs them.

We need to start building massive support from the rest of the labour movement now. We should appeal to the general public, the Labour Party and other trade unions to get behind the strike, donate to strike funds, and show solidarity with their local postal workers. This fight isn’t just about us, it’s about a 500-year-old postal service being wiped out, and everyone should fight to defend it.

In national meetings around the last dispute, some reps asked “What happens if we get an injunction?” We need to learn from the past, where an unelected Tory judge scuppered our right to strike over some minor technicality in the undemocratic anti-union laws. Sadly, when the injunction was enforced two years ago, the answer was nothing – the union had no preparations for this despite the worries raised.

This time the stakes are higher, and a draw won’t be enough, we need a solid win. If it proves necessary, CWU activists and reps need to be prepared to unleash the kind of mass unofficial action we saw in 2003 and 2007 that both times brought Royal Mail to its knees. That requires organisation.

We can do what UCU university strikers did last year and hold mass meetings in every office at crucial junctures to debate the way forward and lobby our leaders – they managed to stop a bad deal being cooked up.

But we need to go one further and start now to develop a rank and file movement across the CWU of reps and activists. That way we can build the maximum power behind every official initiative, or go forward with any necessary action when the union officials won’t.

There’s no doubt that this is indeed “The fight of our lives”, but equally there is no doubt that if we organise our shop floor power, and begin to build solidarity from the labour movement without delay, we can win."

Good article about the strike ballot

10 Sep 2019, 20:16

We need a vast majority yes vote for industrial action and I won't be surprised if if is a virtually 100% yes vote. They are currently in the mediation talks so the full process is taking place which should eliminate any legal process to prevent industrial action.
After that it's largely up to the CWU to fight our corner better than they did on the last pay dispute. Both then and now we are largely in the dark both in terms of where RM wants to take the business and what the CWU are willing to accept and what they think of the new parcel strategy for example. We don't want to be sold out for a few quid like last time & the CWU need to be willing to threaten RM with multiple consecutive days of strike action. One day each from delivery and MCs is not enough.

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