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Royal Mail Business Account Claims Process updated

27 Aug 2019, 14:12 ... dated.html

The Royal Mail business account claims process has been updated with a new online submission form for claims of 50 items or less. This will replace the existing Microsoft Excel form you may have used to claim in the past.

The new online form allows you to submit up to ten claims per form. You’ll also receive an email confirmation with a unique reference number. You may also receive weekly email updates from Royal Mail as they progress with your claims. Royal Mail will continue to send you ‘final outcome’ emails with a summary of each item you’ve made a claim for and any credit adjustments made to your account.

However, it’s worth noting that you’ll no longer be able to use the Royal Mail business account claims process claim form to report a disputed delivery. For more information on reporting denial of receipt/disputed delivery, visit Royal Mail’s Business Helpcentre or get in touch through their Contact Us page.

It’s worth noting that as a business you can only claim for actual loss. Actual loss is what the item cost you to acquire, purchase or manufacture (or repair in the case of damage) and does not include any profits or other fees you may have paid to acquire the sale. For instance if an item cost you a tenner, you sold it for £100 and paid eBay fees of £10 and PayPal fees of £3.45, all you can claim from Royal Mail is the £10 the item cost you.

For items posted within the UK, you can’t claim until 10 working days or more have passed since the item was due to be delivered (7 working days Royal Mail Tracked items and 5 working days for Special Delivery Guaranteed). Working days are Monday to Saturday excluding Public and Bank Holidays (Monday – Friday for Special Delivery Guaranteed).

Claims must be made within 80 days of the date they were posted and Royal Mail usually provide a full response to claims within 30 days of receiving.

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